About Us

Reka Screw Compressor

Providing a service since its foundation in 1965 and up until the present day, our company has always broken new ground in the field of compressed air equipment. Reka offers efficient and economical solutions in order to address all compressed air and equipment needs of a number of companies, from large industrial organizations to small scale organizations and workshops. This is the primary element among our business principles.

Offering an extensive product range, part of our company’s goal is to produce a large variety of products in order to offer services to our industry with Screw Compressors, Silent Compressors and other air compressors, and meet the demands of our consumers. Our system is also supported by air tanks, air dryers, and professional equipment in terms of both service and quality. With our team of specialists, and by addressing the increasing needs of the customer, we have succeeded at bringing our forward-looking vision up-to-date from a customer satisfaction perspective.

Reka Kompresör provides a 24/7 customer service offering assistance to its customers at any time with its team of specialists, extensive service network, and highly-accessible spare part inventory. We are just a phone call away both in the pre-sales and after-sales process.